Our Approach

Working together for over a decade, we’ve tuned in to eachother’s groove. From sparking up ideas to laying out a script, bringing a crew together and doing whatever it takes to create the best product along the way - we know we can count on one another and know who to lean on for our individual expertise. Having worked as child stars on Nickelodeon’s, Zoey 101, starting back in 2005, we pretty much grew up in this business. Now, with a technology explosion happening right beneath our feet, we’re working hard every day to bring together cutting edge innovations with family friendly entertainment through live action films and pilots, animation productions, as well as a little mix of both.

Our Story

Back in the Autumn of 2004, Sean and Matt auditioned for a show that would set them on a lifelong path of friendship and adventure. At the time, that show was titled, “Untitled Jamie Lynn Spears Project” until the network finally landed on what a lot of you mellinials out there know as, Zoey 101. After years working together on set, through thick and thin, these two studs stayed friends, continuing to work together on different projects for years to follow. Throughout the last two years they’ve worked together on pilots and short films, trained the next generation of young performers in workshops across the US, and came up with a bunch of hilarious ideas along the way. Now, 10 years after the two characters budded heads in Zoey 101, their bringing them together for new adventures.


Sean Flynn & Matthew Underwood

Sean and Matt have worked together for 14 years and have spent they’re lives in the entertainment industry.

Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sean Flynn started working as an actor at the age of seven. Grandson of the legendary actor Errol Flynn, film is in his roots. Since the last episode of Zoey 101, Sean has work on productions for entertainment powerhouses including Netflix, ABC, Eagle Rock Studios, among others and continues to breathe life into projects across the entertainment spectrum.


Matthew Underwood

Matthew got his start in the entertainment industry at 6 months old, sporting a sailor's outfit in a beauty pageant. He's grown up with a passion for making people smile and lending a helping hand. As an adult, Matthew has explored various industries including business and technology development, education, animation and software design - but he's found his love in bridging the gaps between them.

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