Sean and Matt Make Stuff – Coming Soon.

You’ve just stumbled into Sean and Matt’s website, but you’re a little too early. Here you will find some links (likely broken) as well as some pictures and info about what we’ve been up to. This site will soon be a resource for you to stay up to date with the adventures Sean and Matt find themselves in, as well as occasional website exclusive Live Streams, Contests and maybe even one day, you’ll be able to grab a t-shirt with these two studs on the back (obviously the back, because you’re in the lead and that’s all people will see).

If you’ve found yourself on this website and don’t know who Sean and Matt are, I have to question how much free time you have to wander aimlessly on the internet. None the less, Sean Flynn and Matthew Underwood played the characters Chase Matthews and Logan Reese, respectively, on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. They’ve continued to grow their friendship through the years and now, they’re sharing their hilarious adventures with you!

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